Back to the Beginning

Back to the Beginning

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I adventured

I hiked

I ran

& than I limped.

But What A Ride!

So now as I glance over my photos, happily eat my tim hortons and gorge myself on Canadian peanut butter I will take you all back to the first journal entry of my trip. Hope you enjoy the ride – its been a month in the making.

Amsterdam – Where the grass in green and the girls are pretty.

We made it.

Dad started the trip by getting a full search at the airport. Naturally all of us kids were thrilled and even the security guard joined in the laughter.

After our 9 hours of flying (at this point I thought that was rough..stay tuned for Dubai…) we arrived right as the day was just beginning in Amsterdam – just in time to get a full day of activities in.

Amsterdam is one of the most unique places in the world – SERIOUSLY go there.

The canals of Amsterdam are stunning. They are lined with houseboats adorned with flowers, and furniture and three story brick buildings typical of Europe face out over the channels of water. We took a roofless boat through the winding canal, under bridges, and into the harbour. We passed the Anne Frank house – a tiny door which was loaded with big emotions.

The first thing I noticed were the bikes upon bikes upon bikes. Every street wears at least 10-20 bikes on each corner. The bikes are not low sitting, speed chasing things like we have in Canada, but – with high set handle bars – they are chariots that allow you to meander with ease down the cobble streets. (Or if you are a certain crazy asian lady – crash full speed into Merrick.)

photo 1 (1)

We visited the Van gough museum and saw his famous sunflower painting, and followed that with a delicious lunch. (I would go back for the coffee alone!)

We walked and walked and walked and walked. The more we walked the more I realized probably 65% of the people around me were baked. We went through parks where groups sat in circles passing around pipes and joints. Tourists with loud laughs and glazed eyes ran about the gift shops while locals sat in Cafe’s but instead of drinking coffee sucked back plumbs of smoke.

photo 4 (1)

Weed ice cream, weed cookies, weed lollipops – and if you wanted to actually purchase weed you had to sift through weed catalogues. (Do I want Mind Explosion, or Chill daze?)

Condoms, bongs, pipes, and thongs – Amsterdam’s shops were lined with many of the finer things in life.

In the evening we toured the Red Light District.

Being an insanely white girl I had no idea what to expect. Discrete, barely clad women soliciting on the street corners? Fur clad pimps dealing drugs and ‘hustling’?

Streets were lined with glass doors which bore red lights, casting everyone in a devilish hue as they marched past beckoning hands. More shocking was when the curtain was drawn because it was obvious of the activities happening behind it. They wore colourful lingerie which left nothing to the imagination, dark make-up, and painted claws which were always inviting those on the street to venture past the glass windows.

photo 2 (3)

Merrick tried to get a photograph and the lady was quite upset that he has even asked.

Mom comes up behind us, ” did you just ask how much?? ”

Bet you can’t say you have toured prostitute ally with your parents….. absolutely delightful.

The smiling ladies turned into monsters pretty quickly if they noticed the glare of a camera lens. One lady saw my phone and her coy smiling face twisted into one of rage. She smashed her fists into the window and flipped the bird and started screaming insults at me- Quite terrifying actually.

An overly enthusiastic black man ran up to Keenan and I.

“Hey brother whats up?? Where you from.”


“CANADA! Right on! What a great place – I give you great discount on cocaine! I love you crazy Canadians.”

He turned out to be a pretty nice guy and we snapped some selfies with him – I still couldn’t get over the hilarity of the fact that I was walking down prostitute ally and getting pressed for hard drugs with my parents on our family vacation.

The next day Merrick and I toured the streets for an early morning run. This is where Merrick gets smashed into by an asian biker – so I suppose the stereotypes are true all over the world.

The rest of the day was packing and making it onboard our ship – the constellation.

Some epic failures of the day

1. Left my Laptop in the Hotel room. Had a panic attack, sprinted upstairs to locate it tucked into my bed.

2. Left my sea patch (Seasick medicine) in my room. Panicked again – found it on the floor of my room.

3. Put the patch on backwards – got ridiculed by my brothers.

4. Merrick left his passport at check-in.

& Finally….

5. Almost left my wallet in Amsterdam. Panic attack number 4 and then I realized Keenan had hidden it.


The Summary

Anne Frank House

Red Light District



Weed Coffee Shops

Van Gogh Museum

Time difference – 8 Hours Ahead

I plan on doing a photo blog to follow as well – so check back to see the best of Amsterdam.

Tune in next time for BERLIN. 



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