Beauty and the bacon

Beauty and the bacon

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Sun caressed my face with warmth and woke me up with the announcement of spring. Birds twittered and the breeze was filled with electricity and possibilities.

And so began the day of photos.

I am a minimalist when it comes to make-up, so whenever M does my nails, or hair, or make-up it is like magic to me. Using lotions and potions and glitter she always manages to do something that is both creative, unique and beautiful!

Her make-up room is a breath of fresh air. I take in the natural lighting, the steady strum of the music pulsing through the air, and the cool breeze wafting in through the window.


We talk boys. We talk yoga. We talk life.

Its easy to talk to her – sometimes its serious, but mostly its carefree fluff that makes me smile.

After talking and make-up and hair, and nails we do our photos.

The jewellery is gorgeous and their must be over 200 pieces. Like a kid in a candy shop I layer on necklace after necklace. I look like a modern day gypsy.

Outfit after outfit until M’s room looks like a flea market scattered in scarves, and rings, and other pretty things.

I’ll just put it out there- TOPLESS PHOTOS FOR DAYS! Okay we were always covered up in the photos – don’t get too excited – but I still felt pretty naked during the entire operation.

Hilarity ensued as we awkwardly held ourselves in place with our hands. The dilemma was the need for an open window to let the light into the room. Every once in awhile we would drop to the ground hiding from someone walking past. The two main struggles were necklaces and nipples- two hands, the need to cover up, as well as untangle the necklaces and make sure they were visible – AND keeping your peripherals on the window just in case someone walked by….Multi-tasking taken to a new level. Giggling and getting naked – what else are you going to do on a Tuesday morning???


Giggling and Getting Naked - Typical Tuesday Morning
Giggling and Getting Naked – Typical Tuesday Morning




Then I met up with R. Curly black hair, slim but fit, and so serious until you can pull out his boyish grin. He is so together at first moment and eventually the 21 year old boy comes out, as it should, and you realize he is not as analytical as he would lead you to believe. Sometimes I feel as though I have to be a conservative version of myself around him, but I usually give up, and then wonder what he thinks of me. We walked Balto and talked a mile a minute, but when I stopped it was silence so I kept going.


Off to the Grand Opening of MEAT.

photo 5





































(Being the mature and responsible adult that I am, several puns about eating meat immediately came to mind….but I will spare you.)

BBQ, bourbon, and bacon.

The BBQ I could eat for days, and we all know I would go to the end of the earth for bacon; However, I don’t think I will ever like bourbon. It smells of varnish, and tastes of fire, orange peel, and liquorice.



Yes, that says bacon!

All the food was delicious, and the company was exceptional.  The only blemish was that there was no chocolate covered bacon left.

So there you have it. Fashionista and model by day – Carnivore by night.

All jewelry seen in the shoot can be found HERE!


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