Big Changes

Big Changes

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A tearful talk about moving back to Calgary made me realize even more how much I will miss my partner in crime.

I have known Sam since Grade 7.

When I was alone at University I called her daily – crying that school was hard and boys were mean and life was rough.

She visited me whenever she could and we were crazy 18 year olds together.

Then she moved into my townhouse and we went through the adventure of motherhood with our 4 legged fur babies.

We faced crazy roommates and leaving roommates and high utilities and broken laundry machines.

We chased run away dogs, we cleaned, we cried, we laughed. We went on dates, we hated boys, we loved our dogs and most importantly we loved each other.

I can’t imagine Balto without Ace, and I can’t imagine Sam without me.


When she goes to work she lets Ace into my room and he paws at the covers until he is allowed to bury underneath the covers. She quizzes me when I have a test, and I refer all my friends to her gym so she can make millions of sales.

We have BBQ’s and dog walks and we are closer to our families and the mountains so we are able to go camping and boating. ¬†Ace and Balto running around and (Probably) destroying their new yard.

We go for breakfast on Sunday’s and we figure out Calgary’s social scene just like we have in Edmonton.

Its a huge adventure everyday, but I know when I get parking tickets, and Balto is sick in the bathroom that Sam is there to wipe away my tears.

We have board game night and our siblings are able to drop in.

Its a big adventure and big decision, and I know its not an easy one to make.

We are such a cute couple <3
We are such a cute couple

If she decides not to join me on my adventure I hope she knows that I am always there.

I will drive up to Edmonton with my sibling to celebrate our birthday’s. I will help her find a roommate, and Ace is ALWAYS welcome at the “Fanning Kennel” whenever she is on vacation.

I love you Sam, and I can’t imagine my life without you. I know you are happy for me and I want you know that my life and success in Edmonton is a direct result of your love and support.

Whatever you choose I will be there for you – you are part of my family.





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