Sept 29/2016

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Sept 29/2016 It has been a long time since I have sat down and written something. Perhaps it is because I have been so busy or maybe avoiding my own thoughts. Regardless, here I am now with no internet and … Continued

Dear Maria

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Dear Maria, Although I may look like the little sister – and sometimes act like the little sister – this is what I wish I would have known when graduated. Find your Passions and your Strengths and whenever things go wrong, … Continued


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Perhaps the greatest thing we learn as we grow is the value of time. There seems too much when you are a child. When is it Christmas? Are we there yet? Is dinner ready? One of life’s greatest distractions is … Continued

What to take with you Iceland.

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Average Temperature for Iceland (in August) is 13-16 degrees Celsius. So it looks like I will be remaining fairly white for the remainder of the summer. “The more than six-hour red-eye flight will depart from EIA at 6:30 p.m. and … Continued

It’s July

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I want to look up at the trees. To hear them rumble to life with each wind that runs by. To see green leaves scattered with the blue of the sky and lazily think about happy things. Summer sun brushing … Continued

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Loneliness is a ticking clock. A question with no answer. Who will guard your secrets, dreams, and fears. Who will keep you company at 3 AM when the time seems endless, and sleep is unachievable? Finding the intimacy you crave … Continued

Big Changes

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A tearful talk about moving back to Calgary made me realize even more how much I will miss my partner in crime. I have known Sam since Grade 7. When I was alone at University I called her daily – … Continued

Wine, Bubbles, and being wild.

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  There is something about abandoning your inhibitions. The greyness of days fills the week with bleak nothingness, and soon these weeks become months, and this pit of clouds is your life. Fill a bath with clear hot water and … Continued

A Photograph

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The only point to a photograph, to me, is its uniqueness. Perhaps the building across the way has been photographed a million times, but has someone captured an aerial view? Taking something commonplace and making it special to the eye of … Continued

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