My crazy life.

Sept 29/2016

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Sept 29/2016 It has been a long time since I have sat down and written something. Perhaps it is because I have been so busy or maybe avoiding my own thoughts. Regardless, here I am now with no internet and … Continued

Dear Maria

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Dear Maria, Although I may look like the little sister – and sometimes act like the little sister – this is what I wish I would have known when graduated. Find your Passions and your Strengths and whenever things go wrong, … Continued

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Loneliness is a ticking clock. A question with no answer. Who will guard your secrets, dreams, and fears. Who will keep you company at 3 AM when the time seems endless, and sleep is unachievable? Finding the intimacy you crave … Continued

A Photograph

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The only point to a photograph, to me, is its uniqueness. Perhaps the building across the way has been photographed a million times, but has someone captured an aerial view? Taking something commonplace and making it special to the eye of … Continued