Off on an Adventure

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Of course leaving everything to the last minute I was up doing laundry until 3am last night.

BUT I am FINALLY PACKED, and headed off to the land of OZ.

Australia here I come!
Australia here I come!

Russia, Germany, and Poland are the first leg followed by Melbourne for the international Australian Rule Football cup!

I am blown away by the support of my friends who never fail to amaze me with their kindness, generosity, and overall awesomeness. Bri & Mike – your card and gift just made my day last night- you guys are just so sweet. Dom – your contribution meant a lot because I know you are in almost the same financial place as I am. Jason – you are the most amazing coach and employee anyone could ask for!

Sam you are literally the definition of a true friend. Moving a new roommate in alone, watching my dog, taking care of utilities and all the while cheering me on like I am going to the Olympics! I love you to the moon and backĀ girl. Miss you – already going through separation anxiety. I could go on for hours but I am pretty sure my dad is going to drive away without me.

Without you guys I wouldn’t be able to go kick some ass in Australia!

I am going to take millions of pictures. I hope I will be able to update you on my travels and share some of the excitement with you.

I got my jersey the other night I was so stokedĀ I tried on every piece of gear (including the toque) and bounced around my house.

Some of the excitement wore off around 4am this morning when I was folding shirts and shorts and wondering if I would ever be ready to go.


Bon voyage Canada!





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