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N is my blogging partner in crime, the girl I go to with all my fashion questions, and someone who I can laugh endlessly with. She doesn’t take herself seriously which is my favourite thing about her. She is tall, almost statuesque with shimmering blonde highlights, and beach waves that go on forever. Her lips are always sporting a trendy pop of colour. She is the girl that everyone wants to look like, and despite this she is down to earth, and someone I am happy to call my friend.


Photos are always a blast.

Recently my photo shoot with N turned into a 4 course meal.


Last time we got together we shot over the span of the day.

Coffee to start the morning – duh!

“I really think we need ice cream as a prop.”

N picks a delicious shade of strawberry pink gelato to match her lipstick. Although it is challenging to hold an ice cream cone and shoot photos I am a professional, so I managed.


“I think we should get lunch”

The fourth and final course. “Beer?”

So the day ended with sunshine, lipstick stained beer glasses, and spring breezes. (Oh and stunning photos of a fashion goddess.)

photo 2

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