What to take with you Iceland.

What to take with you Iceland.

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Average Temperature for Iceland (in August) is 13-16 degrees Celsius.

So it looks like I will be remaining fairly white for the remainder of the summer.

“The more than six-hour red-eye flight will depart from EIA at 6:30 p.m. and will arrive in Reykjavik at 6:50 a.m. Iceland time the next morning.”

So bring magazines. EARPHONES – if you have ever tried to survive a plane trip with no earphones you are in for an epic adventure of pain and torture.

Bring your phone charger unless you want to go crazy – while you are it go to Telus and ask for a certain number of overseas minutes.

Bring your camera so you can recount the expansive number of things you will see in one day when you are on a Fanning scheduled trip.

Bring runners because said literary will definitely include hiking and you don’t want to get trapped walking through snow and mud in flip flops. (Sooo Summer 2013 in Norway).

Bring a calm collected mind and remember that, while seeing every little detail isn’t really the most important thing to you, especially when you could be eating or sitting enjoying a view, that some type A personalities must see EVERYTHING.

DON’T bring a picky meal plan. Especially when the trip planner has called and enthusiastically told you one of your meals will be Puffin.

Be prepared for little or no sleep – Keep some extra money for coffee and energy drinks as the family you are traveling with doesn’t believe in the power of caffeine.

Bring clothes you don’t care about for when your camping experience doesn’t include laundry, showers, or a toilet. (Thinking back to Mexico 2012).

Remember it doesn’t matter what you wear as you will be targeted for photo opportunities at the worst possible times. Did you just wake up and haven’t showered for two days – and you are most definitely coffee deprived??? SMILE!!!

Looking forward to seeing some of the stunning natural ice formations!









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