Wine, Bubbles, and being wild.

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There is something about abandoning your inhibitions.

The greyness of days fills the week with bleak nothingness, and soon these weeks become months, and this pit of clouds is your life.

Fill a bath with clear hot water and trap the steam until a fog of warmth is looming like a rainforest in your home. Watch a bath bomb slowly diffuse glitter, and colour and perfume and let the steam waft around you like a blanket – keeping away the grey and coloring your cheeks pink with colors.

Get two glasses. Get your person. Drink wine.

Talk about new things. Talk about old things. Ensure not to talk about the same things.

Do silly things, do embarrassing things – laugh together.

Stay up too late, and don’t worry that the greyness with catch you tomorrow.

Just be wild.

Be in love.








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